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Vision360 Coaching

with Dr. Thomas E. Anderson, II

Clarity | Focus | Direction

I help early-stage tech founders to clarify your vision, improve your focus and crystallize your strategy to quit the 4am club once and for all.

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Are you struggling with funding your early-stage tech startup?


I help early-stage tech founders to acquire human and financial capital with vision-based coaching and fractional investor relations. Clients hire me because I connect them to my Vision360 ecosystem of VCs, mentors, and B2B customers.


  • Connecting early-stage founders with marketing mentors resulted in better product-market fit

  • Giving pitch deck delivery feedback that resulted in $250K additional investment

  • Narrowing down lists of 12000+ VCs, angels, and family offices to focus on best-fit funding sources

  • Giving detailed feedback on SaaS platforms resulting in improved user experience

  • Making visual maps of founder's in-session insights resulting in increased clarity on KPIs, MVP, and target & flanker markets

  • Guiding founder to select strategic KPIs to prepare for Seed/Series A round

  • Connecting founders with marketing experts to build users from 0 to 65K in 4 months

  • Recommending B2B and B2C platforms to users within Vision360 ecosystem

  • Maximizing founder-CEOs' focus, clarity, and direction to obtain $200K investment during major crisis


Coaching Approach

My coaching approach is simple.

As a coach, I hold space for leaders to experience personal transformation.


In each conversation, I promise to:
💛 Believe the best in you*
💪 Hold you to be “able” before asking you to be accountable*
👩‍🎓 Treat you as an expert in your own situation
🤝 Partner with you to provide the coaching process
💡 Prioritize your “aha” moment over an action item

When these 5 pieces are in place, your game-changing solutions are sure to follow.


Click on the link below to schedule a free, 30-minute conversation with me where we talk about your business -- and explore whether my firm can help you achieve your goals:



Not ready to talk just yet? Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more and become part of my ecosystem:

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