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A vision for change precedes growth. While adapting to change calls for individual, group, and organizational transformation. 


Using an organization development approach, Teaiiano helps leaders transform their organizations. This approach positions organizations to grow. 

​Our mission is to help individuals and organizations to achieve clarity at 30,000 feet and on ground level. 


We believe everyone has at least one brilliant idea that could exponentially improve their  lives and  provide creative solutions to organizational and societal problems. 

Our solutions allow team members, managers and leaders to:

  • See Clearer to create a more detailed picture of the future.

  • See Further using principles of strategic thinking, foresight, and planning

  • See Strategically to identify opportunities and threats early enough to address them

  • See Together by developing a shared vision through collective intelligence ​

TLS Approach

DAADD Model with Phases - Coaching Integ

Change is the new norm. Responding to change is anything but normal. High turnover, disengagement, conflict, and low morale all indicate change resistance. The good news is this does not have to be your story. We work with organizations and teams to rewrite the change narrative.

  • Improve employee and manager engagement with individual & organizational coaching solutions
  • Decrease change resistance with organizational development interventions
  • Increase stakeholder buy-in to sustain change and engagement
  • Transform your communication culture in a way that builds trust, promotes learning, and generates feedback
  • Breakthrough barriers to increase organizational effectiveness
We help leaders to chart the way forward 
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