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Real Talk 



Are employees holding back? Do you need to hear the truth about what is going wrong? We facilitate engaging discussions where everyone has a voice, and seat at the table. Using strategic thinking, our leadership roundtables engage executive leaders around vision and strategy, and managers and workgroups around real-time, operational issues. Participants are able to talk about issues in real-time​ without fear of recourse, build consensus on prevailing problems, and decide on appropriate solutions. 


We have been in the industry long enough to know - not all conflict is bad conflict. Through open questioning and active listening, we draw out the answers to unlock sustainable change by: 

  • Listening for what really matters 

  • Asking powerful questions to enhance learning 

  • Connecting meaningfully with co-workers 

  • Making conflict less demanding and more productive

Schedule a Roundtable discussion to give employees a safe space to openly share thoughts, issues, and ideas. 

Call us today to discuss your RT2 needs (240) 499-2828

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