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Thomas E. Anderson, II, ODCP

Thomas is CEO and Facilitator of Teaiiano Leadership Solutions. He has over 20 years' experience leading high-performance teams in faith-based organizations, 12 years' experience in leadership coaching and workshop facilitation, and 10 years' experience as a support staff member in secondary education. He is a recurring presenter at Regent University's Annual Research Roundtables and has published scholarly articles in the Journal of Practical Consulting (JPC) on coaching, organization change, well-being, and employee engagement. Thomas has generated high-performance results at the team level using volunteer and employee engagement techniques, strengths-based follower development strategies, and professional coaching competencies. Above all, Thomas enjoys being a devoted husband to wife, Jamie, and dedicated father to Arianna and Azalia.

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Jamie V. Anderson

Jamie is the Business Administrator and Director of Church and Ministry Solutions for Teaiiano Leadership Solutions. She is a also a trained Proposal Manager for an Inc. 5000 company located in Fulton, MD. Jamie has worked in proposals for over five years integrating a number of new technologies into the process. Also a certified CMMI Associate, she enjoys helping organizations and business units identify processes and technology that helps improve performance and flow. Jamie has worked in operations, recruiting, human resources, and other functional areas to gain a well-rounded understanding of how departments intertwine creating a seamless organization that thrives. Her career goal is to make organizational life easier while maintaining both the quality of delivery and engagement of employees. 
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