Teaiiano uses an organizational development approach to transforming organizations. We help organizational leaders to:

  • Adapt to change posed by situational demands and outside factors

  • Reinforce strategies, structures, processes, people and culture

  • Sustain system-wide change

  • Improving organizational health and effectiveness
  • Create a higher quality of life for employees and managers
Organizational Development to Facilitate Change

Vision implies a need for change, and successful change produces growth. Every few decades a company will change directions, but most change happens daily.


Change happens when Jane decides to support a project sponsored by another department. It happens when Charlie discovers an unmet need through one of his customers. Change happens when a company decides to take action because its hiring process is not producing the results HR leaders hoped for. ​

Organizational change touches each every of the organization including its systems and processes, individuals and groups, and organizational culture. Along the journey, leaders encounter resistance due to myriad factors (e.g. lack of readiness, buy-in, commitment, urgency or belief in capability to change the organization). Our role is to minimize resistance and increase buy-in to make the transformation process more fluid.

Build-in Buy-in (BI Squared)

Conflict is a common issue in organizations. People and groups may disagree on major areas like vision, values, process, and culture. They often have different approaches on how to implement the organization's strategy. Moreover, strategy is often developed without adequate stakeholder involvement which creates conflicting interests. Our approach generates buy-in during the vision and strategy development process. 

Organizational transformation involves moving from conflict to collaboration. Through teamwork, we build consensus around shared vision and values to reduce conflict and increase productivity. Whether it's through establishing a mission, utilizing individual strengths, or effective communication and feedback, we help teams to nurture a collective intelligence around the future of the organization. 


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