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Pursuing Vision | Leading Change | Maximizing Growth

We facilitate personal and organizational transformation. 


Vision Development

Integrating long-term vision into day-to-day business operations using vision-based leadership solutions


Organizational Development

Increasing change effectiveness through facilitated meetings and OD consulting interventions 


Developmental Coaching
Improving manager and employee engagement with work-life coaching solutions.

Brainstorming Session

Blog Posts


TLS assembles evidence-based insights from business and leadership research to shape cultures of engagement within client organizations. We are developing research in four key areas to facilitate internalized states of engagement for workers, managers and leaders.

Read about our research and solutions. 

Are employee behaviors misaligned with your future vision?
Looking to improve your communication culture?

Large-scale organizational change challenges leaders and managers to adopt a strategic vision to transform the business. Teaiiano helps organizations to increase stakeholder buy-in and align employee behavior with the strategic direction.  

Watch our Vision2020 Webinar. 

Top-down communication can hinder employee engagement and performance. 

Leaders who build organizational coaching capabilities transform their company’s communication culture by building trust, promoting learning, generating feedback, and increasing adaptability.
Download our Insights Paper. 

Looking to minimize resistance to change?

Change resistance presents both obstacles and opportunities for managers and executive leaders. Teaiiano helps you to breakthrough barriers and overcome obstacles to increase organizational effectiveness. 

Is there space for more employee engagement?

When companies change direction, managers ask employees to devote their discretionary efforts to increase productivity, improve performance and exceed the status quo. Employees operate best with internal motivation to go the extra mile.

Download our Insights Paper. 

Did you miss our last Authentic Feedback Webinar? 

The recording is posted below.

Copy of Authentic Feedback Webinar 06.27
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