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Can Your Organization Learn to S.E.E.?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

The accelerated pace of change has caused significant challenges for business leaders. Sustaining employee engagement (S.E.E.) and motivating employees to "go the extra mile" can prove difficult--especially in times of change.

One contrarian business leader once said, "when things seem really bad, they can also be really good."

The pandemic has forced companies to re-envision the future and consider multiple scenarios. In most cases though, the preferred picture of the future has stayed much the same.

Visionary leadership focuses on *creating* and *communicating* a vision for the future.

You may be wondering, "what if my vision is already created?" or "I already communicate my vision regularly."

Enter vision-based leadership.

Vision-based leadership answers questions like:

  • How can we implement our vision on a daily basis?

  • How can we take action that moves us toward the picture of the future that we prefer?

To read more about how to use your vision in a practical way, register to download our insights paper.

This paper provides a framework, along with practical vision-related strategies you can use to engage your team.


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