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Organizational Coaching Solutions

Organizational Coaching equips leaders, managers and workers to maximize their potential, develop their ideas, and create value for their organizations. Coaches draw out the answers through open questioning, active listening, and authentic feedback. ​Download our Solutions PDF (coming soon).

Your coach can be contracted independently, through your organization, or as part of a more comprehensive organizational development solution. 


Organizational coaches work one-to-one, and in group settings to:

  • Enhance leadership and interpersonal skills for leaders, managers, and high-potential employees

  • Provide support in achieving growth goals​

  • Improve well-being within the work-life and work-family dynamics

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching enhances the capacity to lead other people. Coaches assist managers and high-potential employees to experience breakthroughs in interpersonal communication, goal achievement, and personal motivation. Leadership assessments and coaching tools are available upon request. Coaches understand the demands of organizational life and work with leaders to fit coaching into their schedules.  

Work-Life Coaching

Work-life coaching provides the support and encouragement needed to:

  • Manage expectations and maintain balance in personal, work and family life

  • Reducing stress caused by overwork

  • Set quick priorities to accommodate tight deadlines

  • Increase life focus, improve well-being and maximize productivity


This coaching program provides the support you need to clear log-jams and bottlenecks that you face in pursuit of your long-term goals. Clients enjoy the freedom to choose what they want to discuss in each session. The client sets the agenda for the session. 

Coaching Subscription Programs

Organizations can sponsor work-life coaching programs to maximize life focus, increase engagement and improve manager and employee well-being. These programs integrate with well-being and engagement programs. 

The coaching subscription program includes:

  • A consistent number of coaching minutes during the month

  • Your choice of session dates and times (depends on coach availability)

  • Access to materials and resources to optimize time and energy


A key feature of work-life coaching is that it gives you lots of flexibility in the length of your sessions. You can choose between 60, 30, 20 and 15 minute session durations.

Coaching Workshops

Organizations that build coaching cultures make coaching available across all levels of the organization. Feedback is a popular coaching skill that is gaining ground, especially among Millennial (Gen Y) and Centennial (Gen Z) employees. TLS has produced a webinar series on Authentic Feedback.


Click on Thomas' photo below to view the slides and recording. 

Copy of Authentic Feedback Webinar 06.27
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