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Pursuing Vision | Leading Change | Sustaining Growth



A vision for change precedes growth.

Adapting to change calls for individual, group and organizational transformation.

Using an organization development

approach, Teaiiano helps leaders to transform their organizations. This approach positions organizations to grow. 

Our consulting, facilitation and coaching services are designed to serve growing organizations. 


Performance gaps often emerge during times of change. The gap between the organization's future vision and the current state/status quo indicates the need for an organizational development (OD) intervention. OD interventions help to measure the gap between the vision and the current state of the organization. Our consulting services include assessment (surveys and interviews), intervention (services and solutions), and evaluation in areas such as:

  • Organizational communication

  • Leadership styles

  • Culture and values

  • Employee performance


​While training and workshops fill knowledge gaps, FaciliTrainings provide the group process to more effectively produce outcomes and deliverables. In the process, teams and employees work more effectively together and become more productive in both their job tasks and professional relationships. Using our BI Squared approach, we partner with executive leaders and managers to reduce resistance to change. Our facilitator-led strategic thinking sessions lead to more effective decision-making.​

FaciliTrainings consist of two components: a training/workshop and a facilitated meeting. Sessions are designed to assist teams, departments, task forces and executive leadership, and consist of two (2) parts:

  • A Workshop to learn (or review) principles and best-practices of a leadership topic

  • A strategic thinking session that applies what you've learned to produce a deliverable that you have pre-selected.


Topics include (but are not limited to) the following: 

  • Communication

  • Vision and Strategy (From setting strategic direction to developing goals and strategies to evaluation...​objectives, priorities.)

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Strategic Planning


Great for task-forces, action planning and consensus building, facilitators collaborate with organizational sponsors to co-create the agenda for the session. The session format varies to accommodate conferences, half-day and evening sessions.


Coaching equips leaders, managers and workers to develop ideas that create and deliver value to their organizations and the global economy. Drawing from leadership coaching and facilitation, we draw out the answers through open questioning and active listening. With a knowledge of the coaching process, we partner with internal experts to draw out solutions, while offering O.D. perspectives.

Coaches can be contracted independently, or as part of a more comprehensive organizational development solution. Coaches specialize in the following areas:

  • Group and Individual Coaching​

  • Work-life Balance​

  • Work-life Dynamic​

  • Growth Areas​ and Growth Goals​

  • Leadership Skills

​Are you new to coaching? You can contact us to set up a Coaching Preview session.

In our free 30-minute Coaching Preview, you will receive support, encouragement and accountability from a leadership coach as you pursue your business and professional goals.  


We facilitate engaging discussions where everyone has a voice, and seat at the table. Using strategic thinking, our leadership roundtables engage executive leaders around vision and strategy, and managers and workgroups around real-time, operational issues. Participants are able to talk about issues in real-time​ without fear of recourse, building consensus on prevailing problems, and decide on appropriate solutions.

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