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We help individuals and organizations to translate future vision into goals, strategy, and action plans.

Since 2004 we have helped individuals, leaders, and organizations to move through uncharted territory and achieve their preferred vision for the future by way of our Core Capabilities



We help leadership teams to lean into VUCA so they can identify trends, reframe challenges, re-envision the future and anticipate the "domino effect" of changes.

Visioning &


We help individuals and organizations to translate vision into goals, strategies, and action plans so that they make daily progress toward the future they desire.


We partner with executive teams to leverage collective wisdom so they can accurately assess and address business needs. 



TLS coaches individuals to:

  • Write vision statements & set goals

  • Maximize leadership effectiveness

  • Implement personal success strategies

Set up a coaching preview to discuss your specific needs.​​



We help leaders to gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve development objectives, and maximize performance in both work and personal life. Work with a coach today to maximize your strengths as a leader.

Workshops & 

We assess, design, and facilitate training programs to bridge knowledge and performance gaps, and advance strategic goals. Together, let's create an interactive space to bring your team closer while learning.

Who do we work with?

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The Individual Experience

Our Individual Solutions help:

  • Visionaries to reel in their preferred futures 

  • Entrepreneurs to move forward with their ideas

  • Leaders to make a positive impact on their teams and organizations

  • Individuals to be the best version of themselves

Hand-craft an experience that will unlock your potential, break through barriers, and move you to your ultimate goals. 


The Organizational Experience

With the right tools and guidance, CEOs, COOs, HR Directors, and Executive Directors can successfully overcome challenges of the VUCA environment. 

We feel a deep sense of purpose to help our clients:

  • Assess their unique situation

  • Explore new options and possibilities 

  • Leverage collective wisdom for decision-making

  • Navigate complex group processes


Partner with us to develop and position your organization for optimal growth.


The Church & Ministry 

KingdomVision (KV) is the Church and Ministry solutions program of TLS. This program helps Christian leaders and organizations to successfully navigate growth, change, and transformation. We work with churches and Christian leaders to apply biblically-based solutions in areas of: 

  • Music & Worship Ministry

  • Leadership Development 

  • Organizational Transformation

Partner with us to engage God in the pursuit of the dreams and vision He has given you. 

Churches & Ministries

What are our clients saying?

Thomas is an awesome teacher, lecturer, and motivational speaker helping others to enhance their craft as musicians, singers, and worship leaders.

- T. Joyner


Thomas took the time to get to know me in order to customize his teaching methods to help me. I was able to double my program enrollment within two months.

- T. Mays

Marketing Professional

We have been featured in...

Belem Leaders' Podcast

A renowned coaching and consulting firm aimed at helping leaders fall in love with what they do all over again. Thomas was featured on a video podcast with Dr. Kelly Whelan.
View the podcast here. 


The Journal of Practical Consulting and Coaching is a multidisciplinary publication designed to provide tools, techniques, and trends for well-rounded perspective and innovative application. 

Regent University Research Roundtables

These interactive forums provide scholars, practitioners, leaders, and students an opportunity to present findings in areas of leadership and business.

Enjoy our blog posts

Insights Papers


Employee disengagement and turnover represent two fundamental causes of the hiring challenge. Re-Engage gives you tips to increase engagement and well-being, which leads to increased retention and satisfaction, reducing turnover. 

Coaching Competencies

There is a direct connection between coaching and strategic business outcomes. Coaching Competencies provides 3 keys that will bridge the gap between where you are and your desired outcomes.

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