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Is your next big idea keeping you up until 4 AM?

We help entrepreneurs and leaders to clarify your vision, improve your focus, and crystallize your strategy to finally quit the 4 AM club once and for all

Watch our video to find out how.

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Dr. Thomas E. Anderson, II

Founder | Facilitator | Coach | Consultant

I help executive leaders and entrepreneurs use vision and strategic direction to guide decision-making. 

My vision-based coaching approach increases alignment between vision and strategy, culture, operations, and organization development efforts. I have worked with tech startups, small to medium enterprises, non-profits, Inc5000 companies and Fortune500 managers.

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Who do we work with?

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Do you have a big idea, a vision for change or want more out of life? 

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Has your vision, strategy, or change effort fallen into the Adoption Pit? 

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Churches & Ministry Leaders

Are you a Christian leader navigating growth, change and transformation?


What Clients are Saying 

"I realized that I had a ton of ideas in my head with no thoughtful, realistic plan for achieving any of them. With Thomas’ help I am re-charting my life plan with a ton more focus and discipline. And, I am confident that I now have the tools I need to regain control of my life."  

- A. Owusu
Fortune500 Marketing Manager

"The coaching session actually encouraged me to continue with my plans to obtain a degree in Human Services helped me to evaluate what I had accomplished but it also allowed me to see where I had to go to achieve my goal." 

- N. Christian

Social Services Provider

Thomas has been featured in...

Belem Leaders' Podcast

Thomas discussed visionary leadership with Dr. Kelly Whelan, founder of the Confident Leader Symposium.
View the podcast here. 

Mission Impact Podcast

Thomas was interviewed by Carol Hamilton of Grace Social Sector on the topic of vision development and realization in non-profits.

Listen to the podcast. 

7-Minute Coaches Interview

Thomas chatted with Entreresults CEO, Jared Polak about coaching leaders and visionaries.  
Watch the interview. 

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