Teaiiano hosted the "Authentic Feedback Webinar" to teach participants how to give meaningful feedback using key coaching skills. This video discusses pitfalls and best practices to providing feedback to coworkers, leaders, direct reports. These principles also apply to personal relationships with friends and family members outside the workplace.

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Inflexible company culture and top-down communication can hinder the process of transformation.  Leaders change their company’s communication culture to build trust, promote learning, generate feedback and increase adaptability.


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Brainstorming Session

Large-scale organizational change challenges leaders and managers to adopt and implement a strategic vision to transform the business. Vision-based solutions increase stakeholder buy-in through shared visioning.


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The accelerated pace of change creates the fundamental need for perpetual reengagement within organizations. Relationship-based indicators, such as supervisor communication and having a good friend at work, have proven a source of motivation to workers. So, what is a manager to do? 

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