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How can we inspire employees to go the extra mile? What can we do to stop the revolving door? How can I engage my virtual team? This paper provides insights for CEOs, COOs, Executive Directors, and HR Directors to sustain employee engagement using a vision-based leadership approach. 

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When it comes to leadership development, coaching and training run neck and neck. This paper explains how to use a stakeholder approach to leadership coaching efforts to produce results for individuals, groups, and the whole organization.

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Inflexible company culture and top-down communication can hinder the process of transformation.  Leaders change their company’s communication culture to build trust, promote learning, generate feedback and increase adaptability.


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The accelerated pace of change creates the fundamental need for perpetual reengagement within organizations. Relationship-based indicators, such as supervisor communication and having a good friend at work, have proven a source of motivation to workers. So, what is a manager to do? 

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