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Coaches can be contracted independently, through your organization, or as part of a more comprehensive organizational development solution.


Coaches specialize in the following areas:

  • Developing a future vision for life, business and career

  • Work-life balance

  • Growth and development

  • Leadership skills

Work-Life Coaching

Work-life coaching highlights the balance between personal and professional life. Your coach provides the support, encouragement and accountability needed to:

  • Manage expectations and maintain balance in personal, work and family life

  • Reducing stress caused by overwork

  • Set quick priorities to accommodate tight deadlines

  • Increase life focus, improve well-being and maximize productivity

  • Discover deeper meaning in personal and work life


This coaching program provides the support you need to clear log-jams and bottlenecks that you face in pursuit of your long-term goals. Clients enjoy the freedom to choose what they want to discuss in each session. You can set your own agenda. 

Life Focus Coaching

Life Focus Coaching sessions help you to align your long-term vision and goals with short-term strategies to maximize fulfillment. Coaches partner with professionals to:

  • Develop a vision for personal or professional development  

  • Convert dreams and vision into S.M.A.R.T. goals

  • Identify critical success factors to overcome barriers to success 

  • Design strategies and action plans to support goal achievement​

  • Set and achieve goals in multiple areas of work-life

Signature Coaching Programs 

TLS tailors coaching solutions to fit individual client needs in areas such as:

  • Improving leadership and interpersonal skills

  • Developing personal success strategies

  • Writing vision statements and setting goals

Contact us to set up a coaching preview session to talk about your specific needs.

Coaching Subscription Programs 

Are you constantly fighting fires and need quick, spur-of-the-moment coaching? The work-life coaching subscription program works provides flexibility and more frequent accountability to clear log-jams and bottlenecks you face.

The coaching subscription program works well for clients who:

  1. Have a set goal that they’re working towards achieving

  2. Seek periodic support and encouragement multiple times during the month

  3. Need accountability to overcome challenges

  4. Want the flexibility to schedule a session with short notice


What's included:

  • A consistent number of coaching minutes during the month

  • Your choice of session dates and times

  • Access to materials and resources to optimize time and energy


A key feature of work-life coaching is that it gives you lots of flexibility in the length of your sessions. You can choose between 60, 30, 20 and 15 minute session durations.

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