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Change is the new norm. Responding to change is anything but normal. Adapting to change calls for individual, group and organizational transformation. Using an organization development approach, Teaiiano walks with your company through the action of change and through the process of transformation. Through our organizational assessment process, services can be combined into solutions to address your unique organizational situation​.

We believe increased volatility, uncertainty, chaos, and ambiguity (VUCA) have accelerated the pace of change on a global scale.


Teaiiano's vision is to provide innovative strategic leadership solutions and develop proprietary strategy-related products across multiple sectors and industries to increase individual focus and organizational effectiveness.  

Our mission at Teaiiano is to facilitate organizational transformation through strategic leadership solutions.


So, what makes us different? We specialize in:

  • Organizational and personal transformation

  • Paradigm shifts and breakthroughs

  • Organizational development (OD) approach

Our Approach

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"It was vision that inspired the invention of the automobile. It was foresight that anticipated traffic jams, accidents and pollution."

--Bill Barton, former center head for American Express' Consumer Lending Operations


Vision and Strategy Development


Vision development is more than a one-off event - it's an ongoing process of using visioning, foresight, strategic thinking to build the collective intelligence needed to implement organizational strategy. Through foresight and strategic thinking, team members can mitigate the risks of implementing the vision – if properly engaged in the process. ​Our aim is to engage stakeholders at every level in turning the vision into a reality.​

People go through a natural process when buying into a vision and committing to new directions. Our job is to facilitate that process not only for executive leadership and managers, but also the teams and workers. We help organizations to zoom out from the daily whirlwind, to see clearly, and to move forward making intentional decisions. with a clear and strategic vision. To make intentional decisions. 

Change Leadership

Vision implies change, and successful change produces growth. Organizational change incites transformation at every level - in its systems, processes, individuals, groups and culture. Along the journey, leaders encounter resistance due to many factors (e.g. a lack of readiness, buy-in, commitment, urgency or belief in capability to change the organization).  Our job is to make the transformation process more fluid.


Every few decades a company will change directions, but change also happens daily. Change happens when Jane decides to support a project sponsored by another department. Change happens when Charlie discovers an unmet need through one of his customers. It happens when a company decides its hiring process is not producing the results they hoped for. ​

You may be at a crossroads in your leadership journey. You could know exactly what your next steps should be, but not how to get your people on board. What can feel like a cross roads or a situation riddled with conflicting paths, opinions and viewpoints, really may be an opportunity to try a different approach. We provide tools and solutions to increase readiness, impart a sense of urgency and successfully navigate change.

Build-in Buy-in (BI Squared)

Conflict is a common issue in organizations. People and groups can disagree on big areas like vision, values, process, and culture. They can also have different approaches as to how to implement the organization's strategy. Strategy is often developed without adequate stakeholder involvement which creates conflicting interests. We practice building buy-in into the vision and strategy development process. 

Organizational transformation involves moving from conflict to collaboration. Through teamwork, we build consensus around shared vision and values to reduce conflict and increase productivity. Whether it's through establishing a mission, utilizing individual strengths, or effective communication and feedback, we help teams produce collective intelligence around the future of the organization. ​

Our Philosophy​

At Teaiiano, we ask the question " can an organization learn to see"? Seeing not just as individuals, but as an organization unit. If so, how do organizations learn to see?


At Teaiiano, we believe that organizations can learn to see. ​We believe that effective organizations practice envisioning the future as a collective unit. ​

We believe that when the collective or shared vision is optimized, it reflects how everyone in the organization sees the future and plans to reach that future destination. ​We also believe that organizations currently practice strategic visioning and foresight in varying forms, and on individual, group and organizational levels. At Teaiiano, our mission is to facilitate/spread best practices for seeing and creating vision, and evaluating the comprehensive vision development process. ​

We are dedicated to implementing best practices to help organizations practice "seeing" more clearly to effectively achieve the vision they see. Our aim is to help workers, managers and leaders to:

  • see farther and deeper

  • perceive a more detailed, strategic picture of the future.

  • use principles of strategic thinking, foresight, and planning

  • develop collective intelligence that contributes to vision development and strategy implementation 

  • identify and address threats to the business while they are still years away​

Our Services


Performance gaps can emerge while changing an organization to its future state​. These gaps between the future vision and the current state/status quo of the organization​ can indicate the need for an organizational development (OD) intervention. OD interventions help to measure the gap between the current and future state of organizational and employee performance. We provide consulting services using an OD approach that includes assessment (surveys and interviews), intervention (services and solutions), and evaluation in areas such as:

  • Leadership styles

  • Organizational communication

  • Organizational values


​While training and workshops fill knowledge gaps, FaciliTrainings designed to lead a group process to produce outcomes/deliverables. We help teams and organizations to work more effectively together and become more productive in job tasks and professional relationships. Using our BI Squared approach, we partner with executive leaders and managers to reduce resistance to change. Our facilitator-led strategic thinking sessions lead to more effective decision-making.​ Download our Solutions PDF...

FaciliTrainings consist of two components: a training/workshop and a facilitated meeting. Sessions are designed to assist teams, departments, task forces and executive leadership, and consist of two (2) parts:

  • A Workshop to learn (or review) principles and best-practices of a leadership topic

  • A strategic thinking session that applies what you've learned to produce a deliverable that you have pre-selected.


Topics include (but are not limited to) the following: 

  • Communication

  • Vision and Strategy (From setting strategic direction to developing goals and strategies to evaluation...​objectives, priorities.)

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Strategic Planning


Great for task-forces, action planning and consensus building, facilitators collaborate with organizational sponsors to co-create the agenda for the session. The session format varies to accommodate conferences, half-day and evening sessions.

Training and Workshops

To fill knowledge gaps


We believe that everyone has at least one brilliant idea that could exponentially improve their lives and provide creative solutions to organizational and societal problems. We equip leaders, managers and workers to develop ideas that create and deliver value to their organizations and the global economy. Drawing from leadership coaching and facilitation, we draw out the answers through open questioning and active listening. With our knowledge of the coaching process, we partner with internal experts to draw out solutions, while offering O.D. perspectives. ​Download our Solutions PDF...

Can be used separately, or as part of an organizational development intervention/solution. ​

  • Group and Individual Coaching​

  • Work-life Balance​

  • Work-life Dynamic​

  • Growth Areas​

  • Growth Goals​

  • Leadership Skills

Leadership Coaching sessions equip leaders to reach specific business and professional goals. Coaches partner with you for growth and transformation to: 

  • Convert dreams and vision into S.M.A.R.T. goals

  • Discover deeper meaning in personal and work life

Individual and Group Coaching – draw answers out of groups and individuals/ lead groups and individuals to discover answers ​


​Are you new to coaching? You can contact us to set up a Coaching Preview session.

In our free 30-minute Coaching Preview, you will receive support, encouragement and accountability from a leadership coach as you pursue your business and professional goals.  

Real Talk Roundtables (RT)2​

We facilitate engaging discussions where everyone has a voice, and seat at the table. Using strategic thinking, our leadership roundtables engage executive leaders around vision and strategy, and managers and workgroups around real-time, operational issues. Participants are able to talk about issues in real-time​ without fear of recourse, building consensus on prevailing problems, and decide on appropriate solutions.

Real Talk Training (RTT)

RTT equips attendees to use professional coaching techniques to revolutionize everyday communication. Unlock sustainable personal change by:

  • Listening for what really matters

  • Asking powerful questions to enhance learning

  • Connecting meaningfully at home and work

  • Making conflict less demanding and more productive

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