"How can we inspire employees to go the extra mile during times of change?"


"What can we do to stop the revolving door?"

"How can I engage my virtual team?"

The business landscape became more competitive in March 2020. Overnight, managers faced challenges of managing virtual teams and prioritizing well-being in an unprecedented way--all while facing economic uncertainty.

This paper provides insights for CEOs, COOs, Executive Directors, and HR Directors to sustain employee engagement using a vision-based leadership approach. It offers strategies to:

  • Energize employees and managers despite budgetary constraints

  • Create a work environment to promote multiple pathways to productivity 

  • ​Optimize the work environment to improve organizational well-being while adapting to changing internal and external demands


Are you looking to discuss ways to engage, inspire, and mobilize employees and managers using a full-range of vision-related leadership behaviors? 

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