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“I said what I had to say!”

“The conversation didn’t go the way I wanted it to…”

“Should I have handled things differently?” 


Have you ever felt this way after leaving a conversation with someone? These are just a few common takeaways from conversations gone wrong. 

Providing authentic feedback without fear of recourse can be difficult for employees and managers alike. In an attempt to solve this problem, many organizations resort to anonymous feedback – through surveys (360 degree…pulse…climate…you name it). Other organizations save feedback for performance reviews. None of these anonymous surveys can replace the face-to-face conversation. 


In the Authentic Feedback Webinar Video, you will learn:

  1. The pitfalls associated with giving and receiving feedback

  2. 5 must-have qualities for giving effective feedback to employees

  3. 4 contexts for giving authentic feedback

  4. 3 coaching skills that make for successful feedback

  5. Practical tips for preparing to give and receive feedback

  6. How to use D.I.S.C. communication styles to increase successful interactions with others

  7. Recommended behaviors for authentic feedback interactions

  8. Keys to giving feedback across generations


You can register to receive instant access to our webinar on giving and receiving feedback using key coaching skills. 


Watch the Authentic Feedback Webinar

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