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Individual Solutions Portal 

TLS tailors solutions to fit individual needs including:

  • Leadership & interpersonal skills

  • Personal success strategies

  • Vision statements & setting goals

Set up a coaching preview to discuss your specific needs.


Designed to increase fulfillment in life by accomplishing your long-term future goals.



Are you looking to achieve balance between your personal, work, and family life?


Experience breakthroughs in your ability to lead, grow, communicate and engage others.


“The Lifeforming sessions with Thomas have really helped me to put some structure around the things that I want to accomplish in my time on this earth. The biggest aha moment came during the Divide and Conquer Session. As I was reading through the Lifeforming goal-setting framework, I immediately realized I had no goals—only a series of dreams and wishes. I realized that I had a ton of ideas in my head with no thoughtful, realistic plan for achieving any of them. With Thomas’ help, I am re-charting my life plan with a ton more focus and discipline. And, I am confident that I now have the tools I need to create a promising future for myself."


"In coaching, Thomas displayed three important and noticeable traits that coaches need; 1) active listening, 2) patience, and 3) questions that provoke strategic thought. He frequently discussed noteworthy items that the client expressed as concerns, he demonstrated patience when allowing the client time to reflect and respond, and continued to probe until in a way that allowed the client to discover moments of transition, revelation, and strategic options. Thomas is clearly skilled in interpersonal communication that further benefits his analytical, yet creative approach to coaching. He was invaluable in our coaching experience together."


Are you new to coaching? 

Do you want to experience our coaching style before making a commitment? 

You can schedule a Coaching Preview session below. In our 40-minute Coaching Preview, you will receive support, encouragement, and accountability from your coach.

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