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Leadership training is popular. But transferring lessons from a formal classroom setting to the workplace context represents a significant problem among leadership development activities in today’s organizations (Day, 2000).

The majority of learning happens on the job—in the form of an experience—and many times, a negative experience. Training teaches new and often familiar principles, but it stops short of unpacking the insights or providing individualized feedback on using the concepts in everyday interaction with team members. 

Leadership training courses offer one type of leadership development practice, *but* there are *14 more* to choose from. A 2018 study by HR.comfound 56% of organizations use instructor-led training to provide leadership development, and 51% use coaching.

Here is the point. Regardless of which leadership development strategy is most popular, leadership coaching is gaining ground in organizations.

This short paper explains how to use a stakeholder approach to leadership coaching efforts to produce results for individuals, groups, and the whole organization.

Coaching for leadership development cove

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