Organizations practice visioning and foresight in various ways.


At Teaiiano, we believe that effective organizations practice vision-based leadership strategies as a collective unit. ​When the shared vision is optimized, it reflects how stakeholders perceive future opportunities and threats, and includes plans for reaching that future destination.  ​


Our aim is to help senior management teams to engage managers, team members, and stakeholders at every level in transforming the vision into reality. ​

Vision-Based Consulting Solutions

​Our mission is to facilitate best practices for creating and realizing future vision and evaluating the comprehensive vision development process throughout the lifecycle of an organization. We are dedicated to facilitating best practices that allow organizations to practice "seeing" more clearly to effectively achieve their future vision. 


Our solutions allow team members, managers and leaders to:

  • See Further: to create a more detailed picture of the future.

  • See Deeper: using principles of strategic thinking, foresight, and planning

  • See Strategically: to identify opportunities and threats early enough to address them

  • See Together: by developing a shared vision through collective intelligence ​


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