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About us

We believe increased volatility, uncertainty, chaos, and ambiguity (VUCA) have accelerated the pace of change on a global scale.


Accelerated change calls for innovative solutions.


Our mission at Teaiiano is to facilitate organizational transformation through strategic leadership solutions. For over 15 years, our founder has led and supported change efforts within:

  • faith-based and non-profit organizations

  • secondary schools and education companies

  • teams and departments within larger organizations

  • small businesses and start-ups

  • entrepreneurs and independent contractors

  • individuals with a vision and desire to grow


Teaiiano's long-term vision is to provide innovative organizational and leadership solutions. We are developing proprietary strategy-related products to increase individual focus and leadership effectiveness across multiple sectors and industries.​



At Teaiiano Leadership Solutions, we believe that every person and organization has a vision. 

We work with our clients to capture new horizons. To move from vision to action. From dreams to goals. From desire to determination. To achieve something greater than anything they could do alone. 


Teaiiano partners with individuals and organizations to transform new ideas into clear vision. Our coaching solutions provide the support, structure and resources that equip our clients to achieve the goals they set.


Coaching provides confidence as you pursue your personal, professional and business goals. I equip you with tools and know-how to map out your next steps. 


Clients often work with us to:


  • Convert dreams into S.M.A.R.T.Y. goals

  • Plan out a new business idea

  • Map out career and job transition plans

  • Achieve work-life balance

  • Discover deeper meaning and fulfillment in life

Thomas E. Anderson, II
Vision Development Coach

"I realized that I had a ton of ideas in my head with no thoughtful, realistic plan for achieving any of them. With Thomas’ help I am re-charting my life plan with a ton more focus and discipline. And, I am confident that I now have the tools I need to regain control of my life."

- Afia Owusu, San Francisco, CA

“Thomas is a great coach and a natural born teacher who has great patience when instructing. I was able to double my program enrollment within two months. He shows such an honest interest in you when he is working with you that you believe you can accomplish anything that you try to do.”
-Tamara Mays, Atlanta, GA

"The coaching session actually encouraged me to continue with my plans to obtain a degree in Human Services helped me to evaluate what I had accomplished but it also allowed me to see where I had to go to achieve my goal."

-Natasha Christian, Dalton, GA

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