To gain a competitive advantage, companies like Google, Zappos, and Shopify have built internal coaching capacities that support strategic change goals like performance improvement, learning and development, and increasing sales. Fortune 500 companies, such as Walt Disney, Apple, Continental, and Harley Davidson have integrated development coaching into HR operations. Other companies have successfully integrated coaching at lower tiers of the organization to guide employees in making positive change on their jobs, in their lives, and in their careers. 


One-to-one coaching is critical for an individual's success in the workplace. Although executive coaching is a popular type of 1:1 coaching, developmental coaching has the potential to benefit managers and employees in unprecedented ways. More than just a fad, coaching is a skillset that businesses are integrating into the company culture. 

The trend of hiring coaches from outside the organization is slowly shifting as internal managers use the Coach Approach to support learning and development, employee performance, and other strategic business outcomes. As coaching is decentralized through organizations at an unprecedented rate, this salient approach to leadership development is changing the way that managers and employees communicate. 


Organizational coaches work to create cultures that sustainably reengage employees, without putting undue strain on managers, employees or executive leadership. 

In fact, effective workplace coaching can improve job performance and productivity through on-the-job development, in a way that training falls short.   


Teaiiano Leadership Solutions has produced an Insights Paper that will dive into three key coaching competencies that have the power to change your workplace. This Insights paper will: 

  • Discuss how organizations can use three key coaching skills to improve employee communication satisfaction 

  • Explain how coaching competencies accelerate the achievement of business goals through increased employee engagement  

  • Emphasize the role of coaching competencies in giving feedback to your direct reports and supervisors. 


So, how can you use coaching competencies to improve your workplace?

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